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6 January 2017

As many of you know from social media this week, we have solidified our first direct trade relationship with a family in Costa Rica. This means we do not work with an importer when purchasing the coffee. I talk directly with the family to come up with a price point and then send the money straight to them.

This is exciting for us because we are committed to sourcing coffee as ethically as possible. Sourcing coffee ethically can be done through importers, all of our other coffee is sourced through an importer. The key is to find an importer who holds the same values and ethics as we do and pay the higher price; it is worth it!

The drying beds at the Gamboas family farm.

Here is why we are excited about direct trade:

  1. We can build a relationship with the farmer. Many of our other coffees are so traceable that we know the name of the family or farm that it is coming from, but we do not communicate directly with the family. With this new relationship, all of the business is done between me and the Gamboas family. Candice and I plan to source coffee from the Gamboas family as long as possible. We also plan to visit them as soon as we can!
  2. We know how much money is going to the family. When we buy coffee through an importer we can know that the farmer is receiving a fair wage, but there are limitations to what we know. This is understandable, but it is refreshing knowing now that when we buy coffee from the Gamboas family we have full transparency.
  3. When you buy this coffee from us you are supporting the Gamboas family too. This relationship also gives you all the opportunity to be a part of supporting the family. You can know when you buy this coffee that your money is going right to the family. That benefits everyone along the chain. I call it, the “intimate market.” 
  4. The quality is better. When we buy direct trade, the coffee doesn’t sit around in a warehouse waiting to be sold. It is harvested, processed, bagged and shipped to us. It is fresh & it makes a difference!

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us. We hope you get a chance to try this coffee to experience all that that this bean offers.

It will be available soon!


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Zach's profession and most favorite hobby: ShareWell Coffee Co. In his spare time he likes to explore local food with Candice, hike, smoke meat and read. Zach has his BA in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute.

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